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THE CYPRESS DEEP DOWN by Nikos Kornilios

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Σκην./Dir.-Σεν./Scr.-Φωτ./Cin.:Νίκος Κορνήλιος/Nikos Kornilios. Μοντ./Ed.:Ευγενία Παπαγεωργιου/Evgenia Papageorgiou.Ηθ./Cast: ΆρτεμιςΙωάννου/Artemis Ioannou, Μελίσσα Κωτσάκη/Melissa Kotsaki, Θοδωρής Ματινόπουλος/Thodoris Matinopoulos.Παρ./Prod.: /Νίκος Κορνήλιος/Nikos Kornilios.Διάρκεια/Dur.: 75΄.

Enters your life learning details / from your past from your body / from your daily habits / Life without this gracious presence / no longer makes sense - and suddenly / departs and life is meaningless ... Mourning / lasts for a time and if you live - you live / you start retelling the same details / from the past, leaving your body / in another body, sharing again every day / This repetition teaches you. Teaches you to ignore / the certainty of affirmation. Teaches you to ignore / the spectacular architecture of a meaningful life.

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