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Tras el cristal

Ισπανία/Spain, 1986, εγχρ./col.
Σκην./Dir. - Σεν./Scr.: Agustí Villaronga. Φωτ./Cin.: Jaume Peracaula. Μοντ./Ed.: Raúl Román. Μουσ./Mus.: Javier Navarrete. Ηθ./Cast: Günter Meisner, David Sust, Marisa Paredes. Παρ./Prod.: T.E.M. Productores S.A.. Διάρκεια/Dur.: 110΄.

A former Nazi doctor Klaus tries unsuccessfully to commit suicide. His entire body is paralyzed and requires external care. He prompts his wife to hire a teenager, Angelo, who mysteriously appears at their house. It's revealed that Klaus was a pedophile torturer and Angelo has been a victim of his experiments. Coming out mentally disturbed from this ordeal, Angelo intends to implement to others the very morbid tactics that he suffered.

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