Masterclass with Valeria Golino

Internationally acclaimed Greek-Italian actress Valeria Golino comes to Athens

Internationally acclaimed Greek-Italian actress Valeria Golino comes to Athens invited by the Panorama of European Cinema, to present her new film, which will launch the 31st Panorama of European Cinema. Following Cannes, Euphoria will make its Greek Premier on Wednesday 21st of November at 21:30 at Ideal Cinema. The screening is in cooperation with the Greek Production company StraDa Films.

Tickets to the opening night are on sale at Ideal Cinema.


On the same day at 12:00 pm Valeria Golino will give a Masterclass at the Journalist Union of Athens Daily Newspapers (Akadimias 20, 3rd floor)

About Valeria Golino

Born in Naples to an Italian father and a Greek Mother, Valeria Golino begun her career as a model at the age of 14. In her 16th year, unconventional director Lina Vermiller gave Golino her first role in the film "Scherzo del destinino in aguatto di diro l'angolo come a brigante da strada". The following year, in 1984, she appeared in the American film ‘’Blind date’’, filmed in Athens, and then in the ‘’Detective school dropouts”. Her first lead role came in 1985 in Peter Del Monte's ‘’Piccoli fuochi’’, with which she was engaged in the same year.

Valeria Golino as a teenager won the award for Best Actress at Venice Film Festival  and the National Union of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI) Silver Ribbon for her role in ‘‘A tale of Love’’ (1986). After playing in loads of Italian productions, Valeria Golino moved to Los Angeles and became famous for her role as Susanna in the Oscar-winning film ‘’Rainman’’ on the side of Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruz. She would keep returning to her homeland to play in productions such as ‘’Torrents of Spring’’ with Timothy Hatton in the lead role and ‘‘The King's Whore’’ with Timothy Dalton. On the other side of the Anlantic she was cast in some of the most renowned Hollywood Films such as ‘‘Hot Shots!’’ (1991) ‘’Leaving Las Vegas’’ (1996) directed by Mike Figgis,  John Carpenter's ‘‘Escape from L.A’’ (1996) and ‘‘Frida’’ building an international career.

In 1996, she collaborates with the Cypriot director Andreas Pantzis taking on the production and the lead role in the film ‘’I Sfagi tou Kokora’’. The film was screened at Thessaloniki International Film Festival and collected five awards amongst them the award for Best Actress. Five years later, she collaborates again with Andreas Pantzis, taking on the lead role in ‘’Tama’’ who gained the Special Mention of FIPRESCI in the 42nd Thessaloniki Film Festival ‘For the range and depth of thought, the humour of symbolism and the directorial guidance of a film with an epic structure’

In 2003, her lead role in the Italian film ‘‘Respiro’’  led her to win once more the Silver Ribbon from the National Union of Italian Film Critics, Four awards for Best Actress in international festivals as well as one nomination for best actress in the European Film Awards.

After being cast in 90 movies and 3 television shows she made her debut in directing with the feature film “Honey’’(2003) about a young girl who illegally imports into Europe euthanasia drugs. The movie was screened at the Fifteen Day Festival at the Cannes Festival and won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury and other 22 awards at international festivals. Her second feature film ‘‘Euphoria’’ gained two nominations for Queer Golden Phoenix and the award of the jury in ‘Grand Prix’ of this year’s Cannes Festival.

Currently, Valeria Golino works in both Europe and the USA and collaborates with acclaimed and upcoming directors and actors. She now participates in the making of two films, while two more are in post-production stage.

About the Film

After her directorial debut in 2013 with ‘’Honey’’, Valeria Golino returned to Cannes and in the section ‘Grand Prix’ with her second film, ‘’Euphoria’’. The movie participated in many film festivals, including the Festival of Karlovy Vary, but also in Zurich and Warsaw. Playing the leading parts are Riccardo Scamarcio (Them, JohnWick2) and Valerio Mastandrea (Perfect Strangers, The Place). Valeria Golino, apart from being the director she is also the co-scriptwriter along with Francesca Marciano (Me and You, Honey) and Valia Santella (Honey, My Mother). Acclaimed Italian director Walter is also a co-scriptwriter.


Matteo is a new entrepreneur, intelligent, daring and dynamic. He lives a life full of challenges. His brother, Ettore, is a school teacher and still lives in the small provincial town where the two were born. He is a wise man with a quiet life in a routine that suits him, a man who consciously chooses to live in the shade. These two completely different people will come close to a critical moment of their lives and they will re-discover each other after years of absence.

Director: Valeria Golino
Writers: Valeria Golino , Francesca Marciano, Valia Santella, in collaboration with Walter Siti
Cast: Riccardo Scamarcio, Valerio Mastandrea, Isabella Ferrari
Country: Italy    
Language: Italian
Duration: 115΄

31st Panorama will run from the 22nd of Nomber until the 5th of December at Trianon Cinema


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