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La mama et la putain

La mama et la putain. Γαλλία/France, 1973, μ/α./b&w. Σκην./Dir.: Jean Eustache. Σεν./Scr.:Jean Eustache. Φωτ./Cin.: Pierre Lhomme. Μοντ./Ed.: Jean Eustache, Denise de Casiabanca. Ηθ./Cast: Jean-Pierre Leaud, Βernadette Lafont, Francoise Lebrun, Isabelle Weingarten. Παρ./Prod.: Vincent Malle. Διάρκεια/Dur.: 217΄.

Alexandre spends his days drinking, reading in cafés, and hitting on women in the street. His bourgeois, live-in girlfriend tolerates his laziness and womanizing until he begins to pursue a fatalistic, hard-drinking nurse.

La maman et la putain-3  

Stergia Kavvalou recommends this movie:

kavalou “Alexander always acts in contrast to the sayings and beliefs of his time. The conventionality or the paradox of the dialogues are not of great importance, as the movie’s originality is; even if that means immersing your hand in formalin and showcasing it for money. The movie is a post-revolutionary à la parisienne delirium of the 70’s, about the secret life that resides in our minds, with Jean-Pierre Léaud whom Eaustache handpicked as the movie’s lead actor.


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