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11 Συναντήσεις με τον πατέρα μου
Greece, 2012, col.
Dir.: Nikos Kornilios. Scr.: Nikos Kornilios, Evgenia Papageorgiou. Cin.: Claudio Bolivar, Nikos Thomas. Ed.: Evgenia Papagerogiou. Mus.: Nikos Kornilios. Cast: Lambros Apostolou, Eva Galogavrou, Eva Stilander. Prod.: Nikos Kornilios. Dur.: 92΄.

Eva, a young girl who is studying classical singing, decides to meet her father who is unaware of her existence, Thomas, for the first time. He's a security guard in a truck parking, lives in a container and he is resigned of all expectations. When they meet it’s also like two different worlds crash on each other and the relationship they will form is a very particular one, above all categorizations.

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